UX/UI design

We combine the two worlds of UX and UI to create the ultimate user experience.

UX Design
We put the user first.
Having the user in mind, we create an intuitive navigation, user flow, information architecture, and mockups.

UI Design
We excel in graphic design. We care about aesthetics and make sure that the final product is easy to use.

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Let’s start from the beginning...

We know that each project is different but for us they all have one thing in common - we want to learn about them as much as we can! We want to know your clients and users. We want to find out about your goals, ideas, and plans for the next steps in your project. We want to know where we should start and the effect we want to achieve.

Each of our projects starts with a workshop. We work with you to get to know the user so we create personas, customer journey maps, and empathy maps. Workshops give us a chance to dive deep into your idea, set project goals and create a plan for our cooperation.

We design based on research-driven insights. During our research, we get a chance to dive into the specifics of your business. Getting to know the needs, problems and your users’ mindset is the key to success. That’s why we want to understand them as best as we can. We get to know them through observation, interviews and surveys.

Once we have the most important insights about your project, we start by creating an action plan. We precisely define who the user is, what experience they are going to have when using the designed solution and what to do to make it even better. We also consider how to gain advantage over the competition. After discussing the strategy with you, we will set goals for the project and our cooperation.

Now it's time to unleash our creativity. At this stage, we sketch a lot to analyze and look for the best solutions. Then, we create the navigation, information architecture, flow, and site/application map. Our work is reflected in mockups, i.e. wireframes showing what the next screens of the application/website will look like. We consult the developed mockups with you and decide together on the further direction of the project.

Having a solid foundation in the form of UX design, our next step is the visual part of the project. It's time to make the mockups alive! :) We work hard to make them beautiful, easy to interact with and accessible. We present the finished project to you and give you time for final adjustments.

There is no better way to verify if everything works as it should than to present the product to users. After conducting usability tests, we’ll know if there is anything that needs to be addressed or improved.The design process is a continuous verification of our decisions in order to bring us closer to our goals. Sometimes we have to take a few steps back to look at the problem from a different angle. However, we accept the principle that knowledge and a good understanding of the problem bring us closer to designing the best solutions.

When the project is ready and accepted by you, it’s time to implement! We can help you coordinate the work of the development team by assigning tasks and supervising the development work.
Are you looking for a development team to build your product? Let's talk! We can help you with this as well.

Everything is ready. Time to celebrate!
The end of the project is not the end of our relationship! We’re there for you so you can always reach out and tell us about your new ideas ...

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UX design is about designing a product and all the experiences the user will have with it. So we design how the application works, its flow, and the content of individual screens. This stage determines how the product will work and how users will receive it. UX design is a mix of research, knowledge about users, technology, psychology, and design.

UI design is the icing on the cake. It is a breath of life into UX mock-ups. It gives them character and graphic design. Crafting UI is the last element of our work, but it is crucial because it affects users’ perception of the product.

When you create a product, it’s very important to take into account your users’ needs. This is what UX design is all about.

By investing in UX, you are making the first step towards creating a well-thought-out and useful solution, and thus customer satisfaction.

Projects based on UX research data have a better chance of meeting the users’ needs and solving real problems.

Research outcomes give us an advantage over the competition and are an invaluable source of inspiration.

Investing in research is an investment in a huge source of knowledge about the problems, frustrations, and habits of our users.

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Let’s talk about your idea

our clients

The Push Buttons team designed a water drone app for us.

Excellent communication, reliable work, and a fantastic result! This cooperation will not be our last joint project.

Why should you invest in UX/UI?

To create a product fit for your users’ needs

To avoid hiccups by verifying your idea before starting development

To outrun the competition

To get a unique design

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