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Knowledge is halfway to success.
There is no better way to verify an idea or a solution than showing it to your users.

Surveys, interviews, focus panels…this is how we learn who the users of your product are and what their mindset is.

We test the solution with users. This is how we learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the product.

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A good research starts with a well-chosen methodology, a good recruitment of participants, and a well-designed research process. Fortunately, over time we’ve worked out a strategy that takes care of all these elements.

Before we sit down and talk with your users, we want to learn as much about your needs as possible. What do you want to learn from the research? Who is your target audience? What are we researching? We need answers to these questions to match the type of research and the strategy to your needs.

We develop a research strategy to set research goals and questions we need answers to, as well as choose the best research methodology. We create a research plan and scenarios.

We create a screener – a set of personality traits of our research participants. Then we recruit them! We reach your potential target users and invite them to participate in the research. This is the final step before all the magic of research happens :)

Depending on the stage of the project, we offer:

User needs research

Do you want to validate your product idea? Maybe you’re developing a new solution but you’re not sure who your target user is? That’s where user needs research comes in handy.
We use interviews, observations, surveys, and focus groups to get to know your user. We learn about their habits, problems, ways of thinking, etc.
We do that to build a product that your users will love.

Usability tests

Usability tests are most useful when you’re introducing a new product or redesigning an existing one. Ideally, you’ll implement usability tests in the design process to adjust the direction in which your product is going on an ongoing basis.
During the tests, users get to know the product and perform the most important tasks. We observe them and analyze your product’s strengths and weaknesses. We highly encourage you to be an observer as well! To see how a user interacts with your product is a truly invaluable experience.

All of the research findings are compiled and summarized into a report. It’s going to be an excellent source of knowledge about your users. This will ensure you’re ready to build a product fit for your users’ needs.
As for the usability tests report, what you’ll find is a summary of the problems users encountered when using your product and our suggestions on how to solve them. We’ll recommend what to change and how to change it so that you create the best product for your target users.

You’ve received your report but we think it’s useful to discuss the findings together. During our meeting, you’ll learn from us the most important conclusions and insights. You’ll also get a chance to ask any questions you may have and we’ll summarize our work on the project.

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User research is a part of the early stage of the project’s life. It helps identify the needs of potential users belonging to the target group.

In-depth interviews are the most popular form of user research. We try to find out about users’ problems and frustrations. We also check how they currently solve the issues we are interested in and in what context they operate.

The knowledge gained in this way is beneficial when designing a product and during its development.

Research allows not only to design the solution. It also helps to validate business concepts. In the long run, it increases the chances of success and helps to avoid unsuccessful investments.

Usability testing is about letting the user test your product by performing certain tasks. In this research, there is a moderator and observers who are watching how the user is interacting with your product. The goal here is to identify the problems that need to be solved so the product can be better fitted to the users’ needs.

When we create a project based on data from user research, we get much higher chances to address our users’ needs and solve their real problems. Research findings will give you an advantage over the competition and can become a great source of inspiration. Investing in UX research gives you access to knowledge about your users’ problems, frustrations, and habits.

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our clients

The Push Buttons team conducted user research on our VR application for training in virtual reality. Great organization with guidance through the process resulted in accurate and qualitative results.

What do you gain by investing
in UX research?

Your product is built based on data, not on the assumptions.

There is no better way to create an awesome product than learning what your users truly need.

You will verify your product in the best possible way - with your users.

You’ll always learn something surprising. UX research opens the mind and we often see new ideas popping out :)

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