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At Push Buttons we love good design,
well-thought-out solutions and… coffee of course.
We combine newest technologies with usable solutions. We listen, understand, and suggest the best possible solution, which we will then happily implement.

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Meet the Push
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Sebastian Białas

Founder and CEO of Push Buttons. Helps our clients create and develop digital products. He’s been working in IT for 15 years but his passion for it started early in his childhood.

We are Push Buttons.
Like many things in our lives, the idea to build a UX agency was born over coffee 🙂 The discussion about how many users are struggling operating even the simplest systems, applications, or websites became a clear plan.

We aim to help companies design thoughtful, user-friendly solutions that support their business goals.

At Push Buttons, we understand the technology and its possibilities
and limitations. We have worked on the largest Polish IT projects and are fearless of challenges. We operate based on processes developed over the years, the effectiveness of which we have had the opportunity to check many times in practice.

Our HQ is located in Mikołów (Silesian Voivodeship, Poland), but we mainly operate in a distributed model. In 2021 we launched a branch in the USA (in Spokane, Washington).

Let’s talk about your idea

UX Designer

Aurelia Bober

Responsible for UX design, conducting workshops and research. She specializes in complex process systems. She graduated from UX Design at SWPS.

UX/UI Designer

Edyta Zientara

Responsible for UX and UI design. She cares about aesthetics and gives our projects a natural glow. She graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.

ds. kluczowych klientów

Paula Kaszewska

Responsible for contact with our clients and research participants. Privately, a lover of music, dance, and the Krav maga system.

UX Designer - USA

Alicja (Allie) Dąbrowska

Responsible for developing Push Buttons on the US market and implementing projects on the other side of the ocean. Privately Allie loves to travel and discover new places.

We're evolving
day by day

As Push Buttons, we have been researching, creating, and improving digital products for over seven years. During this time, we have done a lot of good for our clients and end users of the solutions.

From the beginning, we focused on development, so it is natural for us to take up challenges coming from the Polish market and other parts of the world. We are proud that our work enjoys the trust of both Polish and foreign partners.

Our command center remains in Poland (in Mikołów, Silesian Voivodeship). But having an overseas headquarters was only a matter of time for us, so we also have a branch in the USA (in Spokane, Washington).

our clients

The Push Buttons team designed a water drone app for us.

Excellent communication, reliable work, and a fantastic result! This cooperation will not be our last joint project.

Why work
with us?

We focus on collaboration

A good collaboration needs trust. During the project, we keep you up-to-date with our work and our next steps.

We are experienced

We believe that each project is an invaluable source of knowledge and skills. That’s why we offer a wide range of services: we design, research, audit, and run workshops. That’s how we gain experience that we can later use in other projects.

We get to the problem's source.

When we work on solving a problem, we look at it from different angles and dig deep to find the root cause. We’re curious so we ask a ton of questions to be able to propose a solution that will best suit your needs.

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